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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Present from Previous Owners

We didn't plant much after moving in, we decided to wait and see what was already planted and where.

There were some spike-like leaves came out, and early in summer they appeared to be gorgeous purple wild irises. So I was pretty sure that all these clusters of spike-like leaves are belong to these irises, and I was very sad when they faded soon.

But one of these hot mornings when it was already about 90F at 9am and the air outside felt like freshly warmed up sauna, before getting to the car I walked to our front flowerbed to check how bad weeds are and make sure I really need to weed (still didn't do it, it is a way too hot to work outside) and found these:

Apparently we also got gladioluses among these wild irises, and not just any - gorgeous scarlet gladioluses - a nice present from previous home owners!

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  1. I love to see what's blooming so that I can use it in the Plain City setting of my novels.