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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Plain City Steam Threshers Show 2011

It looks like the only usual thing about Ohio weather is that is it always unusual. Since more than 2 weeks now it is unusually hot: wet, nothing-to-breathe, ever-sweating hot. And you can consider yourself lucky if your working day, full of running from 100F sauna outside to 75F AC-indulged fridge and back, ends up with no headache.

So after reading that you can probably imagine how very much motivated I was to go outside and watch a parade of Plain City Steam Threshers Show 2011 which took place at North Chillicothe St thru West Main St to Pastime Park, at friday around 6pm.

But since that kind of events are happening only once per year, and we are so new to whole Plain City life, we decided to jump on it and even heat couldn't prevent us from having fun.

The parade was the main event of the Friday, there were many tractors, tracks, cars, renovated and modern, and of course a lot of kids hunting for candies. Yuriy took a lot of pictures.

Second day was more about tractor pull, that was something I never seen before. I think some people lost their tracks there trying to pull that heavy sledge. But it was for sure fun to watch.

Yuriy actually manager to get second and third places on video, the first place in progress is on the picture above.

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