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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

91F and No AC Running: Day 2

After a heavy thunder storm on monday we came home from work to find out furnace (read: "heating and air conditioning") shut off.

And if heating is something we totally can live without at these 91F, the air conditioning is quite the contrary.

So here we are trying to survive the heat while waiting for the technician to come and check what is wrong tomorrow morning.

Good thing: we have a home warranty which our realtors from Chip and Sue Parrish Team insisted having as one of the conditions for the house buying contract. Bad thing is it takes ABC Warranty contractor 2 days to come out to check things out, I hope it will take not much longer to fix it up :)

Well, for now are are rolling with wide opened windows at night and a lot of fresh air after 12am; and Georgie is having bikini parties at the daytime in her tank.

Georgie, The Wireless Mouse

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