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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Cat and A Kid

Our friends were visiting Yuriy while I was on vacation for a photoshoot for their baby daughter. Of course this couldn't go without cats in the picture. Photos are being processed still, but once I saw this one I knew I have to share it with you...

Friday, January 24, 2014

Find Second Cat

Finding first cat in this picture is pretty easy, let's see if you can locate the second one...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stalone's Favorite Toy Of The Moment

And the "Favorite Stalone's Toy Reward" goes [...insert intriguing drum sound here...] to a "Ethical Hi Flying Skinneeez Squirrel 14-Inch Stuffingless Dog Toy".

Yes, it is a dog toy. He actually has 4 of toys like this(others being: a raccoon, a squirrel w/o rope ring and a beaver), but the squirrel in a rope ring seems to be the favorite toy of the moment. At leasts it looks like it from the photo reportages from home.

Stalone carries it around, plays with it, feeds it, hides it everywhere and even sleeps with it, as you can see illustrated on photos below.

Monday, January 20, 2014

So Hard to Be a Cat: Part 2

These 2 pictures fully illustrate my current needs and wishes...

Enough of jet lags, somebody invent a teleport finally, it is 2014...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

15 Photos of Funny Laying Mainecoons

Cats, and mainecoons in particular are masters of making funny poses... See for yourself.

#1: Stalone enjoying bottom left corner of the bed:

while I am away from home

#2: The same location, different pose:

#3: Stalone under a rattan chair:

It is somewhat broken, so currently is being used as a cat house only...

#4: Shiva, the furry flying cat:

#5: Two table cats installation:

Other elements on the table are totally optional

#6: Stalone and blankets:

#7: Shiva, the flying cat #2:

#8: Shiva in traditional cat laying pose:

#9: Stalone in traditional sleeping pose on couch:

#10: Shiva sleeping in undersized cat tree nest:

She grew up, but forgot to notice

#11: The same pose from Stalone:

On another cat tree

#12: But couch is much more comfortable:

Can't you tell?

#13: Stalone, the flying cat:

#14: Stalone, a mix between tiger, lynx and fluffy sleepy

#15: Stalone fooling around: backwards flying cat:

The photo-winner of today's post

Monday, January 13, 2014

Cleaning Cats

While I am on vacation, my better half seems decided to not waste time for nothing and clean his home office table. Other 2 quarters decided this can't be done without them...

Shiva: "I think you should remove this mouse pad":

Stalone: "Is this a cup holder, or a cat holder?":

Stalone: "This spot is a bit too small for me, don't you think?":

Stalone: "This way is a way better!":

UPDATED Jan 24: One more photo I just received, which is related to the topic:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

While I am on Vacation...

I was somewhat nervous about how cats will manage to survive 3 weeks of me being away from home. Well... According to photo reports I am receiving almost every day, they are doing great.

Being busy occupying my side of the bed:

Making sure Yuriy gets his food cooked to order:

Checking if fridge is closed properly:

Verifying incoming mail:

Attending litter box:

And sleeping:

All seems to be in order...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Micro Cat on Vacations

I am currently visiting my parents in Ukraine for Christmas and New Year holidays. And my brother's cat was doing the same. So I had my fair share of cat socializing until she went back home.

I must say, after maine coons she looked and felt so small, tiny cat, I called her micro cat: not more than a half of small chair:

Micro cat is very active (energizer), very focused on her goals (to catch a parrot and to get in to a bathroom) and can play with pretty much everything (walnuts, or two, piece of paper, curtains, house plants, and such).

And after her busy cat day, she was catching her sleeps like pretty much any cat would do, like so:

Or so:

Or even so:

Yesterday she went back home, and I must say I miss her already: tiny energized ball of fur.

How to Play with Shiva

Shiva gives a master class on how to play with kittens, or rather not too play :)

Follow tips exactly, Shiva is very gentle, other kittens may not be so...