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Friday, June 1, 2012

New California Wildlife: Raccoons

So, I guess that is what you get when leave home for long and then don't have much time to pay an attention to it for a while

You get a family of cute, fluffy, stripe-tail and tree-climbing creatures under your deck.

The internet says I shouldn't be so happy...

It also suggests a lot of humane wild animal removal services to pick from.

However these ones didn't do any harm just yet:

Raccoon-mama is more interested into inspecting nearby woods, and raccoon-babies are checking squirrel feeders like they know where nuts should be.

But after all, who said that stealing somebody else's food is the squirrel only job?..

I said "checking", like they are doing it over and over again, which isn't quite true: we only saw them climbing once so far.

It probably was their first time out from the nest. They were so excited that didn't notice neither us making pictures nor the fact that mama escaped to the nest because she saw us first.

See these and couple more of other stripy-tail pictures on Yuriy's blog.