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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wrath of the Nature

Last monday was a busy day as any monday at the beginning of the week before vacation would be. No wonder that I didn't pay much of the attention to the weather outside: there was absolutely no time to look through windows.

It was a bit more dark outside than a day before when we left from work, but I again didn't pay much of attention to it.

It started looking suspicious when our car turned from Route 42 to New California Woods: every yard, driveway, road on the way were strewed with leaves and branches; and pavements were steaming.

We decided that some kind of heavy rain came by and we were just lucky to miss it. And only when we entered the house, we found this surprise on out top patio:

I guess, after all we got lucky.

With all these trees we have around it could have ended much worse.

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