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Monday, December 16, 2013

Shiva and First Snow

Shiva got her few minutes play with first snow some time ago.

I was lucky enough the weather was awesome, sun was shinning and Shiva was in discovery mode :), I also had my phone near by, so we have a video of all of that :)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Shiva and Paper Bags

Shiva likes paper bags: they make funny noises when she hides in them, or when she jumps on them. If she jumps on them when there is Stalone in it: this is extra fun!

Alternatively Shiva thinks that bags are perfect hiding place. WholeFoods paper bags can accommodate a 10 months old maine coon kitten (and some times two!) with tail and both ears comfortably and in full.

In most cases nobody can even guess that cat is in the bag. Unless the bag was left in the middle of the kitchen floor on purpose, as a cat trap, with a video camera hanging near by...

See details here:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

How to Use Bathroom Sink Properly

By Stalone, the maine coon cat.

Stalone decided to take his videos to a new level: he wants to teach others on things he knows how to do the best.

Proper usage of the bathroom sink became first of such training videos: watch and learn from it carefully, there may be a test at the end of the course... Just saying...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Present from Ukraine

A friend of ours brought us these cute pillows as a present from Ukraine. I couldn't think about not sharing such cuteness with you :)

Pillows with cats embroidered on them

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shiva takes on the small box

It looks like Shiva decided that fame Stalone got from his "Stalone and a small box" video, published earlier this month, doesn't have to be all his.

And she definitely took it to a new level. See a Shiva's video with the same box, bigger speed and more tricks including "head-in-the-box" one.


Monday, November 18, 2013

FluffyEars on YouTube

It looks like I got enough motivation to play with my new iPone 5 (which apparently makes pretty decent quality video) and iMovie (which, as I discovered, is pretty easy to use).

So I am here to present a newly created YourTube channel dedicated to host videos of Stalone and Shiva - Fluffy Ears.

Fill free to subscribe or swing by it to check on new videos from time to time.

Here is first video of the channel:

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Few pics from back when...

It seems that some of summer pics didn't make it to the blog yet for some reason. These, which actually deserve to be shown to public. So I am here to correct the issue. Cats here are about 7 months old, leaves are green and sun is strong. Happy time travels :)

Fearless little Shiva on her first a way out. I love these tiny fluffy pointy ears:

Shiva, the maine coon

Shiva marching on a top patio fence (second floor?):

Shiva, the maine coon

Shiva being day dreamer:

Shiva, the maine coon

"Do you really think it is save?":

Stalone, the maine coon

"Do you think I need to go check it out?":

Stalone, the maine coon

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Stalone and a Small Box

The same as many other fellow cats, Stalone has a love for boxes and paper bags. Big ones, small ones - does not matter.

I had runny nose for last two weeks, so I had a lot of use for a Puffs tissues (they work as a charm by the way!). And couple of nights in a row, I have a honor of removing the puffs-tissue-box-crown from Stalone's head...

Unfortunately, being half asleep in the middle of the night I didn't manage to make any videos of these events. But I made my best to catch up in a daytime. There is a proof:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

14 Proper Ways to Catch Some Zzz

Presented by Stalone and Shiva, the maine coon cats.

#1: Play, play and play, sleep in between

#2: Pick sleeping spots correctly

Cat Rule #1: Woke up? Go eat!
Cat Rule #2: Sleep light!

#3: Don't neglect accessories

#4: Assume shape of near-by objects

#5: Or volume

#6: Spice "boring" belly-up pose up with an elegant curve

#7: Don't be shy with your limbs

#8: Use curve and stretch moves together for better efficiency

#9: Don't let a minor inconvenience be a reason to skip on sleep

#10: If you can hang in there, you can sleep on it

#11: Be a boss, own your place to sleep...

#12: ...even if it is just a piece of floor

#13: When pet bed is not enough, wrap yourself with a blanket

#14: Enjoy being a model for sleepy-kitty-photo-shots!

Every cat is proficient in that role, I believe this comes without saying...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Winter is Coming...

Last week we got a bit of snow in the morning, first time this year... It was pretty quiet morning: nobody was jumping on me, jumping over me or jumping from me, which seems to be a usual routine on an average morning at 5am. I almost overslept.

As I discovered later, the reason for all of that appeared to be the snow, or rather snow watching session. Both cats occupied a window spot and were hunting snowflakes, watching snowflakes or just looking outside with their round eyes. Fascinated.

Later that day, after I came home from freezing office (climate control in the office has most unexpected settings ever - it is cold in the winter and hot in summer, almost like there is no climate control whatsoever...), I decided that Stalone needs some "cozy" in his life and covered him with a blanket. One would say he kinda liked it, wouldn't you?

Friday, October 25, 2013

So Hard to Be a Cat...

I just received a photo proof of the fact that it is indeed very-very hard, almost impossible to be a cat...

Here it is:

Stalone, maine coon kitten sleeping on a chair

Would you be able to sleep like this? Whole day? And at night too?

Stalone, maine coon kitten sleeping on a chair

No, I don't think so! And Stalone can! Pwned!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vacation Photos, Conclusion

Since all nature venues around cabin we rented in Hocking Hills were occupied by a big-black-dog, we took cats for a walk at a lake so they can enjoy some nature too.

The weather was gorgeous: blue sky, fresh air, sun. Not many people, jumping fishes, and so on.

Lake in Hocking Hills

Nice place to sit, relax and enjoy some piece and quite,.. even if you are a cat.

Lake in Hocking Hills

Shiva had a change to embrace her wild-inner-self (just look at that face and ear tips bent by the wind):

Shiva, the maine coon kitten

Stalone wasn't too happy to leave his wooden-heaven-of-a-cabin, he was was very determinate to get back ("Now walk me to that car!"):

Stalone, the maine coon kitten

Every time I am looking at coons photos from that day I try to come up with dialogs they may have had, with all the emotions they have pictured on their faces.

"I want to go check that out..."

Maine coon kittens by the lake

"Would you go with me?"

Maine coon kittens on a leash

"Ok, watch my back!"

Maine coon kittens on a leash

I believe, that last photo brings me one step closer to Zen every time I look at it...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Shiva On Vacation

Shiva appeared to be not a big fond of new places.

She was ok in the car on the way to the cabin, where we spent couple days out of town, in Hocking Hills.

Both cats were mostly sleeping in their a-way-too-small-for-two-teenage-mainecoons carrier or somewhere around it (which made us thinking we probably need to by a new one which would be more comfortable for both of them).

But after we entered the cabin itself, Shiva decided that under the couch is the best place to be, and spend good couple of hours there.

After the adaptation period was over, she showed her truly self: Shiva, the table cat:

No table in the cabin was left unattended, coffee table in front of couch in living room became her absolute favorite: it was cool to lay on it, or under it (and pick thou the glass pieces of it):

Of course as any cat would be, Shiva was fascinated by all the little decoration things she could find in abundance everywhere in the house. All napkins, napkin rings, christmas wreaths (?) and a christmas tree (?), potpourri, artificial flowers, paper notes and postcards of all sorts and such had to be either watched closely when she was around, or removed to some secure place...

But she didn't mind, outside had enough entertainment to offer. Remember the big black dog? Both cats enjoyed picking on it through a window or a glass door:

And of course, Shiva had her paws full watching what Stalone is up to:

To make sure he didn't get all the fun for himself:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just in Case You Didn't Know...

Is tomorrow Thursday?

Shiva, the maine coon kitten

Nope, it's Friday, you fluffy head...

Stalone, the maine coon kitten


Shiva, the maine coon kitten

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Stalone, The Discoverer

Stalone, the maine coon kitten

Stalone's adaptation to the vacation house took about 3 mins, most of which he spent under couch in living room, probably calming down Shiva.

Remainder of vacation time he spent in discovering mode.

Checking out every possible place which can fit, hold or otherwise sustain an 8 month old maine coon kitten, and even these which can't...

Stalone, the maine coon kitten

Chairs, under-furniture spaces, tables, beds and kitchen counters will probably not surprise anybody.

But he also checked out: fridge top, kitchen sink, wifi router, all bath tubs and sinks, air hockey table, bar, poker chips bowl, artificial christmas tree (?)...

And, of course, every and all decoration outbursts of house owners (and there were plenty!). Some of these he tried to chew on, so we had to evacuate some fragile ones out of kittens reach...

Stalone, the maine coon kitten

Stalone, the maine coon kitten

I think Stalone fell in love with wood finishing of house insides.

Wood is interesting to climb on, sit on, run on or even just smell.

Open space attic-like second floor became Stalone's absolute favorite.

He was hanging on log rails, or just supervising everything going on down below from his strategically chosen top point.

Something like this:

Stalone, the maine coon kitten

The same figure, view from behind:

Stalone, the maine coon kitten

More photos from our recent Hocking Hills vacation are coming up in my next posts.

Friday, September 27, 2013

To The Woods

We spend couple of days in the woods of Hocking Hills, in a wooden cabin where you do have a place to sleep/eat/enjoy the nature, a hot tub, an internet, but no cell phone coverage whatsoever (nice combination, isn't it?)

And but "we" I mean all of us, including all 8 fluffy paws AKA coons, about which I will have couple of stories to tall in upcoming posts.

As planned, we took it nice and slow: not much activities, just fresh brisk fall air, sleep, bbq. Except, plans for cat walks around the house had not much chances to be fulfilled because of this chav (I am not sure I am using this word correctly, but I can't find a better one to explain what I mean):

This "little" dude, as we called him, joined us 10 mins after arriving to the cabin, and didn't leave our sight till couple hours before we left: sleeping on the porch, entertaining us during all our meals and hot tub sessions, playing starring game with cats through the door glass and so on.

He ended up stealing half bag of charcoal and a bag with a bit of cat litter in it. I don't know what use he had for the coal, but bag with litter with dog teeth marks on it we recovered later down the road.

I guess a phrase "pet friendly" may have a tiny bit different meaning to it than I thought initially.

Friday, September 20, 2013

TGIF From Shiva

"Did you say today is friday?":

"Are you absolutely sure?":