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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New California Wildlife: Ninja Squirrels

When I said that New California has a wild life, I didn't lie!

Yesterday morning, when I did a zombie walk to the kitchen trying to open my eyes and get ready to leave for work after long 4th of July weekend, I noticed that there is a big bird sitting on the bird feeder plate.

After several attempts to focus I actually noticed that the "bird" has a fluffy tail, and is indeed a squirrel.

While I was screaming around to get Yuriy to look at it, it was long gone. Huh...

However today appeared to be even more interesting: couple of ninja squirrels raided the bird feeder again, and this time Yuriy got a couple of funny pics.

They probably do this kind of staff every day during the day when we are gone... Wouldn't it be a nice reason to quit working?..

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