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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New California, Plain City

I will start my posts on this blog from the picture of our newly purchase house, located in the heart of New California Woods, Plain City.

Wild nature (and you will see it is very wild :) ) was one of the main reasons we bough this house and we don't regret: lots of fresh air and green leaves, birds tweeting instead of police sirens, and a lot of space.

With all furniture from our town home apartment we were able to barely fill 2.5 rooms, the rest are waiting for the inspiration and probably several IKEA trips... :)

We still have some boxes unpacked, and considering house have big basement, it will probably stay so unless somebody gets brave enough to finish them up.

Did I forget to mention the house has 2 wooden decks from the back side? :)


  1. Love your home!

  2. Julia, that house is lovely and must have a tremendously nice kitchen. Lucky you! I am going to struggle along making one of your recipes tonight in a tiny and altogether difficult kitchen. Ah, well.....

  3. Thanks :) kitchen isn't that big here, but at least it is mine :)