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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Stalone, The Discoverer

Stalone, the maine coon kitten

Stalone's adaptation to the vacation house took about 3 mins, most of which he spent under couch in living room, probably calming down Shiva.

Remainder of vacation time he spent in discovering mode.

Checking out every possible place which can fit, hold or otherwise sustain an 8 month old maine coon kitten, and even these which can't...

Stalone, the maine coon kitten

Chairs, under-furniture spaces, tables, beds and kitchen counters will probably not surprise anybody.

But he also checked out: fridge top, kitchen sink, wifi router, all bath tubs and sinks, air hockey table, bar, poker chips bowl, artificial christmas tree (?)...

And, of course, every and all decoration outbursts of house owners (and there were plenty!). Some of these he tried to chew on, so we had to evacuate some fragile ones out of kittens reach...

Stalone, the maine coon kitten

Stalone, the maine coon kitten

I think Stalone fell in love with wood finishing of house insides.

Wood is interesting to climb on, sit on, run on or even just smell.

Open space attic-like second floor became Stalone's absolute favorite.

He was hanging on log rails, or just supervising everything going on down below from his strategically chosen top point.

Something like this:

Stalone, the maine coon kitten

The same figure, view from behind:

Stalone, the maine coon kitten

More photos from our recent Hocking Hills vacation are coming up in my next posts.

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