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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vacation Photos, Conclusion

Since all nature venues around cabin we rented in Hocking Hills were occupied by a big-black-dog, we took cats for a walk at a lake so they can enjoy some nature too.

The weather was gorgeous: blue sky, fresh air, sun. Not many people, jumping fishes, and so on.

Lake in Hocking Hills

Nice place to sit, relax and enjoy some piece and quite,.. even if you are a cat.

Lake in Hocking Hills

Shiva had a change to embrace her wild-inner-self (just look at that face and ear tips bent by the wind):

Shiva, the maine coon kitten

Stalone wasn't too happy to leave his wooden-heaven-of-a-cabin, he was was very determinate to get back ("Now walk me to that car!"):

Stalone, the maine coon kitten

Every time I am looking at coons photos from that day I try to come up with dialogs they may have had, with all the emotions they have pictured on their faces.

"I want to go check that out..."

Maine coon kittens by the lake

"Would you go with me?"

Maine coon kittens on a leash

"Ok, watch my back!"

Maine coon kittens on a leash

I believe, that last photo brings me one step closer to Zen every time I look at it...

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