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Friday, September 27, 2013

To The Woods

We spend couple of days in the woods of Hocking Hills, in a wooden cabin where you do have a place to sleep/eat/enjoy the nature, a hot tub, an internet, but no cell phone coverage whatsoever (nice combination, isn't it?)

And but "we" I mean all of us, including all 8 fluffy paws AKA coons, about which I will have couple of stories to tall in upcoming posts.

As planned, we took it nice and slow: not much activities, just fresh brisk fall air, sleep, bbq. Except, plans for cat walks around the house had not much chances to be fulfilled because of this chav (I am not sure I am using this word correctly, but I can't find a better one to explain what I mean):

This "little" dude, as we called him, joined us 10 mins after arriving to the cabin, and didn't leave our sight till couple hours before we left: sleeping on the porch, entertaining us during all our meals and hot tub sessions, playing starring game with cats through the door glass and so on.

He ended up stealing half bag of charcoal and a bag with a bit of cat litter in it. I don't know what use he had for the coal, but bag with litter with dog teeth marks on it we recovered later down the road.

I guess a phrase "pet friendly" may have a tiny bit different meaning to it than I thought initially.

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