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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Winter is Coming...

Last week we got a bit of snow in the morning, first time this year... It was pretty quiet morning: nobody was jumping on me, jumping over me or jumping from me, which seems to be a usual routine on an average morning at 5am. I almost overslept.

As I discovered later, the reason for all of that appeared to be the snow, or rather snow watching session. Both cats occupied a window spot and were hunting snowflakes, watching snowflakes or just looking outside with their round eyes. Fascinated.

Later that day, after I came home from freezing office (climate control in the office has most unexpected settings ever - it is cold in the winter and hot in summer, almost like there is no climate control whatsoever...), I decided that Stalone needs some "cozy" in his life and covered him with a blanket. One would say he kinda liked it, wouldn't you?

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