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Monday, October 14, 2013

Shiva On Vacation

Shiva appeared to be not a big fond of new places.

She was ok in the car on the way to the cabin, where we spent couple days out of town, in Hocking Hills.

Both cats were mostly sleeping in their a-way-too-small-for-two-teenage-mainecoons carrier or somewhere around it (which made us thinking we probably need to by a new one which would be more comfortable for both of them).

But after we entered the cabin itself, Shiva decided that under the couch is the best place to be, and spend good couple of hours there.

After the adaptation period was over, she showed her truly self: Shiva, the table cat:

No table in the cabin was left unattended, coffee table in front of couch in living room became her absolute favorite: it was cool to lay on it, or under it (and pick thou the glass pieces of it):

Of course as any cat would be, Shiva was fascinated by all the little decoration things she could find in abundance everywhere in the house. All napkins, napkin rings, christmas wreaths (?) and a christmas tree (?), potpourri, artificial flowers, paper notes and postcards of all sorts and such had to be either watched closely when she was around, or removed to some secure place...

But she didn't mind, outside had enough entertainment to offer. Remember the big black dog? Both cats enjoyed picking on it through a window or a glass door:

And of course, Shiva had her paws full watching what Stalone is up to:

To make sure he didn't get all the fun for himself:

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