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Monday, September 16, 2013

"Space Suit" No More

I can't say Stalone got used to wear e-collar and was fighting till the last second he had to wear it. But he learned to live with the e-collar when his attempts to remove it failed...

It took me good couple of hours to figure out how to tie the band, so he can still breath but can't remove the collar by grabbing it with all 4 paws and pulling it over the head.

He learned how to walk in e-collar, sleep in it, eat in it (this was a bit challenging as well as trips to litter box) and even play in it.

Laser pointer hunt became especially fascinating (for me at least): he could see the dot thru the collar (it is plastic and somewhat transparent), or above it, but couldn't get to it because collar wouldn't let his nose get to the ground all that fast... so in result he was jumping up and high in order to descent on top of it, and he never gave up...

Playing entertaining catch-up games with Shiva became somewhat challenging: it usually involves fast running through various tight spots, and the game was interrupted too many times when Stalone's collar hit some roadblock making him to stop in the middle of the run. I am very thankful he didn't hurt himself during these.

Yesterday was first full day when Stalone regained his freedom to run around without collar on. At first he was so occupied by cleaning and grooming himself, that he managed to get himself completely wet from tips on his ears to tips of his toes...

I was even afraid that if he doesn't stop, we might need to go back to vet. Because something is clearly not right, if cat is trying to clean himself till he is soaking wet.

But as soon as the level of acceptable cleanness has been achieved, Stalone resumed his usual kitty-appropriate activities. So I hope the only thing which will remind him about wearing an e-collar will be this picture:

Maybe I should frame it an put on a wall?

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