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Monday, September 2, 2013

Saving Private Shiva

Shiva "misplaced" herself today. She was there at 7:30am feeding, but when we woke up around noon, Stalone greeted us with his usual "mr-mew", but Shiva wasn't there.

We searched every possible hiding place including but not limited to: closet, upstairs, laundry room, behind sofas, cat houses, but couldn't locate her fluffy tail anywhere...

We even used forbidden move: "kis-kis-kis" call for food. Shiva didn't come, and Stalone was looking surprised at me: he heard "kis-kis", but there was no food?..

I will not keep you intrigued any longer: Shiva has been found under our bed. There is plenty of space to accommodate her fluffiness under the bed itself, but only 2.5 inches of space between bed frame and floor, and it is still a mystery to me how she managed to get in there.

See for yourself:

She sure couldn't get out, that we figured out by a sad mew sound from under the bed 15min though the searching process...

Shiva was saved by lifting the mattress up, no cat was injured during the rescue operation...

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