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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stalone's recovery

Stalone had his neutering surgery today. I am keeping my fingers crossed for him to recover fast and easy.

Stalone, the maine coon, 7 months

He spend first couple of hours in e-collar, and, as expected, he hates it. We try to keep an eye on him while he does not wear it, but it will have to be on for at least couple of days during times when we are out to work for incisions to heal.

It may deem to be hard: he is very efficient in removing it. I might need to glue it on... Joking... Or not?

Feed the Cat!

Both cats had to be on a eat-nothing-since-6pm-yesterday diet before Stalone's surgery today, so now they seems can't get enough of food.

Even thought we have to restrict amounts of food Stalone gets to prevent post anesthesia issues. But it is quite hard - they ask for food constantly.

We try to feed them more often in smaller portions, mostly wet canned food. And, I think, Stalone still may think that we, greedy people, decided to starve poor kitties to death.

Stalone decided that his toy racoon needs some food too, and is trying to feed him:

Maine coon toy, racoon

So between them three it looks like this:

7 months maine coon cats eating

Sorry for poor quality of last two pictures, I only had my phone on hands and pretty low light in the kitchen while taking them.

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