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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mainecoon Tornado Safety Drills

As you probably know, weather here was a bit unsettling lately.

We had quite few storms, including these which snap 50 feet trees in half in a matter of like 5 seconds. I am not kidding, I watched it happen through the bathroom window trying figuring our house has a windowsless safe spot, up until it was all gone (I need to work on evacuation plan for future).

Fortunately, nothing too damaging: few bushes and a tree are gone, and we can see our neighbors much better, I hope they enjoy it too.

Anyway... Apparently Salone worked up a safety plan on his own. This is what happened when tornado sirens went off yesterday:

Stalone during tornado warning

Shiva didn't put too much thought into it (just like me few days before her) and was watching it all through the window:

Shiva during tornado warning

Sorry for phone pictures, we didn't have much time to arrange light and get big camera out to shoot these.

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