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Thursday, May 22, 2014

New California Dr Wild Life

It does look that some of these photos which we made long time ago never made it to the blog (for some reason). Or I simply can't find them.

These are cute animals which along with raccoons and others work hard on entertain Stalone and Shiva.

Humming birds (it is shame that this nice bush didn't produce much flowers this year, I hope it still will next year):

Deers is something pretty usual here... I saw a deers walking around neighborhood and eating flowers from ppl flower beds... They are still pretty cute though:

I love chipmunks - positive little creatures. They always greet me at driveway when I come home. I had one of these stash his load of berries in my shoe (we leave shoes in garage when it is warm):

I don't remember the story how Yuriy came across this little frog, but he brought it home, made a pic of it, and them brought it back. Sometimes we have some tiny frogs hanging on the glass door. Don't know what's up with that:

I can't say I like these too much. I scream and run every time I meet one of them. But I guess they need place to live too:

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