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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cats in the Kitchen

In attempt to follow up my previous post on "Do you allow your cats on the table?" topic.

As some of you probably know, I have a cooking site - EnjoyYourCooking. I post a new recipe there pretty much every saturday for 4+ years now...

To make recipes more descriptive and easier to follow, I include photos to each step. The process of setting up scenery, light, background and making photos would probably be long and boring if I didn't have helpers. Cat helpers that is.

They make sure that all ingredients are up to high standards of EYC, everything is in order and such... I honestly couldn't do this without them. See for yourself:

Stalone and Shiva test photo shoot area (notice background setup behind them):

Stalone makes sure pots and glasses are cleaned throughly:

Stalone verifies quality of the chicken for Whole Chicken Roast:

Shiva decided that Fried Rice with Shrimps needs one shrimp less for better results:

Shiva checks soy sauce for Fried Rice with Shrimps:

Stalone, the barista:

Shiva is about to relax after hard work in the kitchen:

So this is the secret ingredient of EYC recipes, now you know it...

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