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Friday, August 2, 2013

Stalone and Shiva Favorite Cat Toys, Part 1

I suspect there will quite few parts to this story because our furry tails like to get new toys (or maybe we are just spoiling them rotten, it is very well possible).

Anyway, since they first joined our family, they got quite few favorites and I wanted to share these with you (if you care to ask for it :) )

Petstages Dental Health Chews pair

Roundish toy with a bunch of fabric tails on a side (right on the picture) was one of Stalone's favorite when he got home. He was carrying it around, sinking it in his water bowl and even attempted to feed it.

It was a love at first sigh for him, and it lasted for quite long time (we even got a replacement when first toy was lost in action).

Product description says it will help to clean teeth. He liked to chew on it a lot. It will be fair to say that the other toy of the pair (the three tailed one) was of no interest to either of cats.

Ethical Sponge Soccer Balls Cat Toy, 4-Pack

These "soccer balls" are favorites of Shiva, they are made of soft foamy material, which makes it very easy to pick it up with tiny kitten mouth and carry it around.

They don't produce any noise when are being played with, which makes them great toy for night kitten entertainment.

Just for Cats Midnight Crazies Cat Toy

Pretty inexpensive toy, cats play with them with joy, especially if they are put into a box or laundry basket where can make even more noise than usual. But due to noise not such a great toy for night.

Kittens played with these when they were little, some of first pics from breeder came with these on them.

Ethical Pet Wide Durable Heavy Gauge Plastic Colorful Springs Cat Toy, 10-Pack

This are toys which breeder packed into our kitten go home kit.

I was very skeptical about cats possible interest in springs, but I was wrong. They like these things a lot: springs are almost weightless, easy to push around on any kind of floors, they can be carried in the mouth, chewed on as well as juggled on with front and back paws.

Very often we wake up to one or two springs in our bed left there by our kittens who played while we were sleeping.

Mouseful Cat Toy

This little thing has a pocket to stuff dried catnip in. And it does wonders :)

It is first toy Stalone spent a week with when we bought it. More than once it was spotted in his dry food bowl, and even more often took diving lessons in a bowl with cat's water.

First edition of this toy rendered itself not worthy for pictures since it lost most of the fluff due to heavy usage (I hope, not in Stalone's stomach), so we got a second one!

RACCOON - Mini Skinneeez Stuffingless Dog Toys

This is one of new additions to the cat's toy family: plush raccoon with 2 squeaky things on both ends and nothing else inside. It is actually a dog toy, but we got it for our maine coons.

It is awesome in fact that it is long and lightweight. Long is is good because coon doesn't claws your hands when you play with it with him, and small weight lets coon juggle it with his paws while sitting on his back legs.

Petlinks System 3 Blind Mice

Set of nice mice.

There mice are made from good materials, lightweight, small size, not much to chew off. It is very nice toy to be stuffed into box with holes or into laundry backet.

Don't forget a fluffy tail, cats can't resist playing with it.

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