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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shiva is Recovering from Second Surgery

Poor baby managed to lick her stitches after I relaxed enough and "undressed" her thinking she isn't going to do it (since she didn't before).

And in additional to it, the antibiotic they gave her while we were waiting for surgery in 2 days, didn't work on the infection she got. So they had to open the incision and clean up the infected tissue.

Good thing, we did not wait for a week to get an appointment with our doctor (even though the technician told us it would be perfectly fine) or the damage could be more.

Bad thing is that obviously, she had second full blown surgery in 3 weeks and now I am not taking any risks - she is ought to wear the collar, like so:

She isn't happy, but tolerating it moderate well. This time the collar is one size bigger (it is actually for dogs, but it seems that cat's biggest collar was too short for her, and she managed to lick the incision with it on).

Keeping fingers crossed for new antibiotic to kick in to get it all over with. Poor kitty...

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