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Friday, August 23, 2013

How to Celebrate Your B-day, If You Are a Maine Coon

Coon are 7-mice old today. And they celebrated this important milestone of their life by reaching the unreachable, terra incognita of the house - kitchen counter.

Yesterday Shiva got to try some chicken juices mixed with butter and dill from dish, where Chicken Kiev were cooking before, on top of the oven (not that we let her, but she forgot to ask the permission)... Good that oven was turned off and managed to cool down till bearable temperatures before that happened. Shiva was very proud of her accomplishment and couldn't stop licking her lips for hours...

Today Yuriy woke up to disposable coffee cups on the kitchen floor and his sandwich, prepared by me before I left, disassembled (but not eaten) and evenly distributed all over the kitchen counter by the party yet remaining unknown. But I am pretty sure that fluffy tail and pointy ears with tips at the end are among other special marks to be accounted for, the investigation is ongoing...

The whole encounter left me with just one question: what these cheese and ham are made of these days, if even playful kittens didn't express a wish to eat them?..

Happy B-Day, my furry friends!

Shiva and Stalone, our 7 months old maine coons

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