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Thursday, June 2, 2016

An Au-Pair Cat

Out neighborhood has a variety of wild life: chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons, possums, foxes, deers, birds, even some kind of snakes. We also have cats walking around the house from time to time. Some of them are somebody else's cats, just walking the territory. And some others may not be so, but it is aways hard to tell. We even had mama cat bringing her two baby kittens few times last summer. I doubt they belonged to somebody, but they didn't do any harm, well apart of maybe catching a bird lured to our bird feeder occasionally, but that is life I guess.

Most of the time these cats are skittish and every attempt to bribe them with some cat food from my side ended up with them running away and me leaving the food somewhere outside hoping it will find them at some point. The food container never stayed full for long, but I never had an evidence of who emptied it, and it may have been an team effort...

Few days ago I looked outside of the kitchen window and saw this guy hanging out under the top patio bench:

As usual, I poured some cat food into some plastic container and walked outside to offer it to him. As usual, he fled away into the wooden area behind the house.

So I left the container under the bench just to find it empty in the morning. So I poured some more and next morning found the dude eating the food. He came for food few more times since then. I call him Bob for now.

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