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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Shiva Got Her Teeth Done

Gums and teeth always seems to bother her. She likes all kinds of dental treats and we use enzyme water, but she doesn't let me to do anything with her mouth. Water and treats did help a bit, but not as much that she could avoid some tooth extraction and thorough cleaning by a vet:

It took two of us to plug her into the single cat carrier, she was fighting hard with all 4 paws, no feliway could help it. And she was pretty terrified all the way to the vet's and at the check-in. But the cat I saw when I got home that day (Yuriy picked her up as soon as vet said she was ready), was a totally happy cat. she didn't seem to miss her extracted teeth and didn't seem stressed even a bit (unlike after neutering). She is still recovering, they put some stitches in and she got some antibiotics, but she is off her pain meds and seem to be pretty happy:

As a bonus for visiting the vet, Shiva got her "rear pants" haircut, as you imagine she doesn't let me to brush her either.

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