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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Neighborhood cats lineup of the year

Mama Spot was pretty busy last year. Which resulted in 2 litters of kittens.

She brought in first litter in July, consisting of 2 tiny kittens:

Tiny one on the left, Mikrik, and almost twice bigger one, Makrik.

They hanged around, use that kitty house (even though it wasn't that cold):

And then Mama Spot brought her second litter in (somewhen in November):

Four in total.

Bigger guys were still there:

And they didn't mind to have smaller brothers and sisters around:

Hanging out together:

And then Cubik brought another, tiny one, from somewhere:

This is the line up of kittens which was hanging in our back yard and patios through the winter, pretty rough winter too:

At some cold nights there managed to get into that kitty house, all 7 of them. Most of the times they rotated. But managed it:

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