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Monday, June 8, 2015

Lviv 2015: Shevchenkivsky Gai

I figured out that I didn't post few photos from Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life" which I took at the end of my recent trip to Lviv, Ukraine.

According to their website, the museum is one of the biggest open-air museum in Europe nowadays. It exhibits wooden folk architecture, everyday life items, art artifacts from various ethnographic zones of Ukraine of last three centuries.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make good quality pictures from inside of buildings using my phone due to lack of light, but I must say it was interesting to see all clothes, furniture, music instruments, ceramic, jewelry, icons, church accessories and other items associated with day to day live of Ukrainian villagers from the past.


  1. This place looks very interesting. I will definitely visit it. Is it standard for tourist routes? We will visit Ukraine in May by using this firm There will be 5 days in Lviv and i hope we will travel to this strange house.

    1. I think it is pretty famous, so it must be on some tourist routes. Tourist companies will definitely know about it if you mention the name: "Shevchenkivsky Gai".

      They may have some special events taking place around Easter which is celebrated on May 1st in Ukraine this year if I am not mistaken. You may see some folk dancing and singing and crafts if you visit it around that time.

      Just be aware, it might take big portion of a day to see it all and a lot of walking will be involved :)