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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My First Caribbean Cruise

I needed a vacation and I got one, Shiva tried to go with me, but it didn't work out - she doesn't own a swimming suit...

Since it was my first Caribbean cruise I had few things to learn:

  1. Have beach cloth with pockets, closable pockets are preferable: you don't want to carry a purse with you on the ship and you need something to put your keycard in. Some kind of keycard holder would work here too probably.
  2. Take a refillable water bottle with you: bottled water cost an arm and a leg on the ship, and they have water water fountains everywhere. And you get thirsty ashore.
  3. Apply tons of sunscreen: the sun there is strong, even when you don't see it, it still will burn you if you don't use sunscreen.
  4. Sit and relax, it is a vacation after all...

We visited to Half Moon Cay (The Bahamas), San Juan (Puerto Rico), St. Thomas (USVI).

I don't have many photos, these I do have will keep my memory fresh and warm.

Taking off in Maiami:

Somehwere near Bahamas:


Puerto Rico:

St. Thomas:

Early morning back in Maiami:

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