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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mastering Art of Window Climbing

By Shiva, the maine coon

Since a time she was little, Shiva doesn't seem to be not very graceful in her movements. She slips, she falls, she always some how manages to trip over her own legs (and she has 4!)...

Yuriy says that it is probably because she is pretty long, so sometimes she is like a furry centipede one side legs of which don't always coordinate right with legs on another side. Mostly when she is in on a hunt to catch a toy.

But then this clumsy fur ball does something like this:

It remains unknown what motivated her to go on that window climbing adventure. Knowing her skills of gracefulness I was afraid that it may end up badly, but it didn't. And now we have this funny photo and a video somewhere on a phone to go along with it.

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