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Monday, February 17, 2014

Stalone Looks Outside

It appears that Stalone likes to watch what is going out outside. Lots of cats do, right? Well, he likes to do it from the window in our master bedroom. The one we sleep in.

When he first discovered that bedroom has windows, he developed a routine when he would come in middle of his daytime (between 4am and 5am our time), and scream for blinds to be pulled up in case they are all the way down.

Can't say I was pretty happy about this, but hey, what wouldn't you do to make your cat happy, right?.. Even if that exposes you sleeping on the bed to whole neighborhood up until you wake up in the morning and pull the blinds back down.

Apparently 3 weeks of my vacation was enough to change the situation. Yuriy doesn't sleep light, screaming doesn't work on him, so Stalone had to find a work around.

Here it goes:

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