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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Micro Cat on Vacations

I am currently visiting my parents in Ukraine for Christmas and New Year holidays. And my brother's cat was doing the same. So I had my fair share of cat socializing until she went back home.

I must say, after maine coons she looked and felt so small, tiny cat, I called her micro cat: not more than a half of small chair:

Micro cat is very active (energizer), very focused on her goals (to catch a parrot and to get in to a bathroom) and can play with pretty much everything (walnuts, or two, piece of paper, curtains, house plants, and such).

And after her busy cat day, she was catching her sleeps like pretty much any cat would do, like so:

Or so:

Or even so:

Yesterday she went back home, and I must say I miss her already: tiny energized ball of fur.

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