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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tracking Activity: Jawbone Up

Winter is approaching, and with it a need to wear warm cloth from last year. Yep, lots of it doesn't fit any more :(

Since I gave up EA Active 2 after endless efforts of replacing malfunctioning monitors I didn't do much of sport.

While I am still thinking on how to jump on getting more fit, I decided it may be interesting to monitor my daily activity.

That is when I saw some info about Jawbone Up and thought it might be interesting to get one a try.

It suppose to track daily activity, workouts, sleeping, and has an iPhone app to record and visualize all of that; additionally it will warn about long time with no activity and has a feature to wake up naturally.

So, I got it yesterday (if fact I wore it during last night sleep already, so have a interesting graph of it :)) ) and will see how active it thinks I am.

Maybe it will get me more motivated to look for better replacements for EA Active 2.

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